It makes treasures

A-cél volt mi késztetett, hogy drótot szőtt a képzelet...

 Ever since I only know my mind, I have loved to experience my creativity in various wonderful fields of art and I have an interest in art.

 It happened a couple of years ago, that my spare pearls of my childhood came to light from a hidden corner of the attic. Then again I started to focus on the miseries of bead making. The ideas just came to me and I tried to dream something extraordinary and big. After this there was no stopping and I had this inner desire to give a little piece of myself to the people.

 This is why I created Ivy Art Product so it can be accessible for those, who has interest in any of my work or would like something unique, personalised wonder to have.

Ivett Gállos
This is fantasticly beautiful. Real artwork. Don't stop your creativity, you're on the right path. You're a blessed creature.
Cs. János
They're wonderful Ivy! Masterpieces made by your hand, keep it up, I'm proud of you!
S. Andrea
Congratulations! It shows that you put your heart and soul in all your work! I have never seen anything more unique!
G. Erika

Tell me your old desire,
I wire all your dreams!

If you find your Wonder,
Fill up your basket!
If you haven't found something,
Grab your mobile
and I'm waiting for your call.

  • +36 30 591 80 16
  • info@ivyartproduct.com
  • 25 Mátyás Király Street H-9100 Tét HUNGARY
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